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Doesn't matter what type of driver you are,

we have a course to suit your need.

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Driving Lessons 

We offer courses for people who want to learn how to drive, no matter how much or how little experience they have. We are able to give lessons to those looking to drive manual or automatic cars.

Manual transmission

Learners can drive both types of cars once they pass their manual test. Manual licence holders have more choice when looking for a car to purchase and fuel consumption is also generally less in manual cars than automatic which can make it a cheaper option. 

Automatic transmission

Learners can only drive automatic cars but they are a lot easier to learn how to drive as you won’t have to learn how to use the clutch and gearbox.

Pass Plus 

This is a practical course for anyone looking to improve their driving skills. It is most beneficial for those who have recently passed but can be taken at any time and can mean that the driver can get a discount on their car insurance. It takes around six hours and covers driving:

Fast Pass Intensive Courses 

A perfect way for those who want to learn quickly or in a specific amount of time such as holidays off work or college.

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- In town

- All weathers

- Rural roads

- At night

- On dual carriageways

- On motorways

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